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Hide your IP in utorrent

September 25, 2017, 3:52 pm by nickarad •1789 posted in torrents Views: 5266 , tags: utorrent

This can be set from the "secret" settings in utorrent.

REMEMBER ALL !!! That personal IP hide in utorrent can only be SET for other users, called utorrent language, 'peers'.

You can not hide IP from ISP, trakers, etc ...etc... otherwise you would be alone on the Internet no one knows you exist... :P

It's so easy to hide your IDENTITY. You just need to get into the utorrent settings.

For this, you use the same Wonderful program, that is..... IP Filtering.

The steps to be taken are hereunder:

-Double-click on your uTorrent icon from your computer's desktop.

-Click the "Options" button.

-Go to "Preferences" under the "Options" button.

-Click on the "Advanced" tab.

-Go to the "ipfilter.enable" button and click "True" under the value bar.

-Click the "OK" button.


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